I’ve decided to borrow from two of my favorite shows and have themed titles. I pick song lyrics. My About page probably wont have one until I can think of something cool.

Being black, mormon and female is an oxymoronic label although still less controversial than the gay mormon title. The one thing I didn’t add, however, is that I am smart. I have two advanced degrees and attended an Ivy League school. The decisions I make to continue to claim my blog title are not ones made in isolation or from tradition, nor are they untested. But Ive been reading what is available out there to the different groups in my title – and Im not satisfied. They miss something fundamental about how I understand and live this odd religion, and I figured with all of that education I am at least capable, if not qualified, to express my opinions on the matter. This blog is not intended to be controversial or out of line with the major teachings of the LDS church, but rather to give hope and voice to people who are struggling to find a place within the culture of that same church, which is a whole different issue. So for my sisters, and all others who find themselves on the outside of the norm, I hope I can say something that may help you understand how I do and ease your choices and burdens today. Lets see how well I do.

3 thoughts on “About

  1. Raised LDS, or a convert? I’d be curious to learn how/why you joined that particular religious tradition (given that you’re aware of how “out of place” you might seem)..?

    1. Thanks for asking. I was raised LDS, but I just posted about how my mother joined the church and will talk later about why Ive stayed in the LDS religion, given how out of place I sometimes can be. Thanks a lot for reading and please keep doing so, either by checking back in or following me.

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